JSS Centre for Management Studies lays a great recognition on the importance of the role a college infrastructure plays in engaging students in academic pursuits. It has created an ideal place for students to seek intellectual fulfillment.

The contemporary 5000 Wi-Fi building inaugurated by Nobel Laureate HH Dalai Lama includes fully equipped lecture halls, computer labs, library, individual faculty cabins with dedicated PC and internet connection, administrative office, student area, seminar hall and ample parking facility for faculty members, students and staff within close proximity to the building.

Lecture Hall

7 spacious multimedia class rooms has well equipped projectors to facilitate effective learning for students.


The college has a well established library which caters to the need of Post Graduate Management students with a provision for open access to faculty.  The college library has a varied and up to date collection of 15,000 books and access to over 1400 journals and extensive CD-Database. It subscribes to several management journals important newspapers, magazines and periodicals in various disciplines of Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Operations and General Management topics. Comfortable chairs with tables, adequate lighting arrangements, and a librarian to help and guide creates an amicable atmosphere for reading.

Computer Lab

College provides 3 computer laboratories, 24 hours high speed internet. This fully equipped computer lab has dedicated broadband Internet connectivity for one to one access to students.


The amphitheatre which is located in the heart of the building is utilized for all the cultural, management activities. Build around 300sq feet area with seating capacity of about 160 people the amphitheatre continues to be the setting for various college performances, including celebration of festivals, social gatherings and other campus events.

Board room

Air conditioned Board rooms with fully equipped Audio-visual equipments and lighting arrangements makes an impressive backdrop for meetings and small conferences.

Seminar Hall

A well equipped air conditioned Seminar Hall that can accommodate 160 people is located on the first floor of the building. The hall is equipped with high end audio-visual equipment and 3 over head projectors that facilitate delivering high quality presentations for Seminars, student presentations, Guest lectures and several other functions that are held regularly.


Other amenities within the campus

The campus consists of two nationalized banks along with ATM kiosks at convenient locations within the campus and a shopping area that includes photocopying centers, stationary shops, canteen, coffee shops and refreshments.